Just a little background on your photographer to get to know me a little better. I was raised in a small town in central Virginia way before cell phones and video games where we drank from garden hoses and played outside until dinner without the fear of being abducted or harmed. My dad got me interested in photography at an early age and it stuck with me through out my life. Also about this time I also realized I had a love for motorcycles and classic cars and this led to my passion for photographing them. Around 2008 with the changing world of photography I started doing more traditional photography and developed a love for portraits and lifestyle photography along with my custom motor sports work. I love working with people and seeing the expression on their face when they see their images. We also have come to be known as the go to studio for Professional Head Shots. My wife Carolyn and I now operate our photography studio in the Arts district of Manchester Virginia where we offer studio and location sessions. Our goal is for you to have fun during your session and to leave feeling good about your images and yourself. Come see us and hopefully we can help you create lasting memories of your family or prized possessions.

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